About Us

Karin and I are originally from Northern Virginia and now live in the Shenandoah Valley.  All of our craft items are handmade by Karin and myself.  Some are our original design.  We sell our crafts three ways:


We contract with several local distributors in Virginia, where we ONLY sell our Carpenter Bee Traps.  See our Distributors page for details.

Craft Shows

The craft show business has grown in resent years.  It has become a full time operation.  We have done as many as 15 to 25 shows per year.  We start in March thru June. Then, from September thru December.  But with COVID-19, the craft show business is completely gone.  All shows have been cancelled until further notice.  So, that has turned our eyes toward increasing our online presence.

This Website

After having a browse-only website for several months, we decided to upgrade to a full eCommerce website.   We use Paypal for secure checkouts.  We hope you enjoy shopping our inventory.  Be sure to visit us often as inventory changes with the seasons.