Welcome to Shenandoah Crafts, where everything is handmade in the Shenandoah Valley.  Our wood crafts range from birdhouses, to bird feeders, to our famous Carpenter Bee Trap – see below.  Coming Soon: Designer Fabric Crafts from Karin’s Creations.  Visit us often, Inventory changes with the seasons.

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John and Karin Tipton

#1 Best Seller in the Shenandoah Valley!

The Carpenter Bee Trap is the best seller because it works!  But, how does it work?  Watch this Video to hear John explain it himself.

After being approached on the subject of building the bee traps, I did a lot of research on the feasibility of a marketable product.  I made several prototypes.  I tested different sizes and components.   I surveyed what the consumer thinks of the design and how it looks hanging on the home.

I started marketing my traps at Garden Shows, Home Shows, and Craft Shows.  The traps were accepted immediately.   The first show I sold 49 units in 7 hours at $20 each.  I knew then I had a product!  To read the full history and origins of the trap, click on this link:  Origins of the Captenter Bee Trap...

“Having a 40-year-old cabin means you have to be careful to keep the carpenter bees away.  I have two of these traps and they really do work.  As you can see, there’s a carpenter bee right on the top of the trap, and 2 inside.”  Mary, Shenandoah Valley